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Privacy Policy

Showa Corporation Ltd.(the "company") think protecting privacy, Personal Information, and content of setting of customers is our responsibility about business activities.

So we handle the acquired information ("Personal Information") which we can identify a specific individualis.

In our company, Personal Information means the information that can identify our customers. For example, it include information on dealings, name, company name, address, phone number, and your e-mail address and like that.

We will use costomer's Personal Information only for check on the inquiry from customers, and for the purpose which customer agree on the publication and your reply.

We will endeavor to manage the acquired Personal Information appropriately. We will also endeavor to protect the Personal Information from danger of leakage, alteration, and loss.

As a general rule, we do not provide and disclose the collected Personal Information to the third party.

However, there is case that we provide the following Personal Information to our partner company by the electronic media or in writing.

Items to be provided: name, company name, address, phone number, e-mail adress, and information about dealing with customers.

In addition, in case of the following, we may provide your personal information without your consent, within relevant laws and regulations.

1. cases based on the laws and regulations

2. when we get formal written cooperation request or query from the person who has the legal authority, and your consent would hinder the performance of the office

3. when it is difficult to get your consent, but the information is needed for protection of human life, body, property

If you would like inquire or correct your personal information, we will respond only if we identify you as the customer yourself by the method of our company.

We comply with laws and regulations, and other norms of Japan that apply to Personal Information held by our Company. We also review the contents of this policy appropriately, and we will strive to improve it.